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Coupons: FREE Leak Detection with Repair

Disclaimer: Offer subject to change without notice, some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Plumbing leaks are often tough to find. They are usually very destructive to your home. When left untreated, a slab leak repair or ceiling leak repair cost hundreds of dollars. R&R Plumber's technicians use the most cutting-edge tools to find hidden water leaks. Call us early when you first detect a water leak. That will save further damage to your home. It will also save time and money by minimizing the damage to your property. Call R&R Murrieta Plumbing. We are a local discount plumbing company. We encourage you to use one of our plumbing coupons. Call us now for a FREE Quote and affordable plumbing.

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R&R is happy to provide FREE estimates for all plumbing jobs. We don't want you to feel like you will get a surprise bill from us. Most of our customers are surprised how quickly and now inexpensive our charges are. Use R&R Plumber in Temecula coupons to save money.
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Free Home Plumbing Inspection for Discount Plumbing

We will do a free home plumbing inspection with any service call.

Disclaimer: Offer subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. Contact for details.

Before you buy a home, it is always prudent to have a home plumbing inspection. Often, there are hidden plumbing issues that can cause extensive damage to your home. These do not come to light till after a new owner has taken possession of their new home. Some of the most typical issues have to do with sewer problems, water heaters, and toilets. Get peace of mind by having R&R do a FREE home plumbing inspection. If you do the review before you take the plunge and buy that new home, you can save a bundle. Use our coupons to save money.